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important benefits:
  • Improves vehicle's gas mileage
  • Helps reduce possible harmful effects of poor-quality gasoline
  • Removes deposits in the fuel system for better performance
  • Cleans fuel system, increasing the life expectancy of fuel system components

Fuel services available at Mr. Muffler include the following:
  •        Replacing old fuel filters with new filters
  •        Cleaning the fuel injectors
  •        Testing pressure regulators for operation and leakage
  •        Carbon removal from engine assemblies
  •        Checking entire fuel systems for leaks
  •        Checking fuel pump operating pressures
  •        Replacing fuel pumps

If you are concerned about your vehicle's fuel efficiency, decrease in
horsepower, general performance, or if you just want to stay on top of your
vehicle's maintenance, then call us today about scheduling a fuel injection
service for your vehicle!

***Note: Fuel injection services are only offered at the Johnstown Mr. Muffler.
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