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A properly aligned vehicle is essential for many reasons.  Improper alignment will result in
uneven tread wear, and will reduce the life of the vehicle's tires.  Gas mileage can be
affected by improper alignment, steering can be difficult, and the life of different steering
components may be reduced by improper alignment.  If you notice that your tires appear
to be wearing unevenly, or if your vehicle appears to be pulling to one side, your vehicle
likely needs an alignment.

Depending on your vehicle's year, make, and model, you may need only a front-end
alignment or you may need a four-wheel alignment.  Remember, if you suspect an
alignment problem, do not put it off
!  Aligning your vehicle is a critical investment; an
alignment will almost certainly pay for itself in tire mileage and steering comfort, as an
alignment often costs less than even one tire

Call us today to schedule your vehicle's alignment!

***NOTE: Wheel alignment services are only offered at the Johnstown Mr. Muffler.
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