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Most of the services that Mr. Muffler offers can be
categorized as repairs, or fixing an existing problem in a
vehicle.  However, some services are instead categorized as
maintenance, or services that should be performed to a
vehicle on a regular basis to keep your vehicle operating
properly.  Regular vehicle maintenance will prolong the life
of your car and will almost certainly pay off in the long term.
Changing the oil in a vehicle, checking the filters regularly, checking a vehicle’s fluid
levels, replacing spark plugs and more are all things that will keep your vehicle’s engine
running smoothly.  Having your vehicle’s tires, battery, and belts checked and replaced
regularly reduces the chances of being stranded at an inconvenient time by a broken
down vehicle.  Below are some of the main reasons to keep your vehicle’s maintenance
up to date:
  • Prolongs the life of your vehicle
  • Reduces wear and tear of critical components
  • Protects vehicle components from overheating
  • Reduces the chances of breakdowns leaving you stranded
  • Keeps your vehicle’s fuel efficiency from decreasing
  • Catches potentially serious issues early
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